Polyurethane Case


Polyurethane and polyurea are the materials of choice to meet the wide-ranging demands from the extensive list of CASE applications. Preferred for their excellent toughness and inherent flexibility – even at low temperatures – polyurethanes offer smooth durable finishes and superior protection against abrasion, chemicals and other environmental influences. Also suitable for a broad spectrum of substrates, polyurethanes provide performance advantages in structural adhesives, especially when bonding flexible materials. As global awareness of resource efficiency and sustainability intensifies, the capabilities of (reinforced) polyurethanes help to push the boundaries of more lightweight and durable solutions. With a unique portfolio of additives and a deep understanding of polyurethane chemistry developed over many decades, we have the experience and expertise to help you optimize your formulations and meet the challenges of today, and those of tomorrow.

QiGuang Chemicals performance additives substantially increase process efficiency and improve properties of the final product. Additionally, they help to enhance miscibility, promote electrical conductivity and increase abrasion resistance, or can help support adhesion properties.

In the formulation of high-performance polyurea and polyurea-hybrid systems, our QiGuang Chemicals diamine curatives and chain extenders offer superior physical properties and help to significantly extended pot life times.

To learn more about which products might best suit your CASE formulations, please contact your local sales representative, who will be pleased to help.